Guidesheet for the Occupational Outlook Handbook

In the Occupational Outlook Handbook you will find invaluable, current information on careers that is compiled and organized by the Bureau of Labor Statistics every two years. Detailed descriptions of a multitude of occupations, combined with statistics, projections, guides and articles are the basic categories of information available through this website.
How can I access information about specific careers in the on-line OOH?
  • There are two main ways to access information: the search box and through a series of links.
  • In the middle of the far left side of the home page and every page linked from the home page, there is a search box available for quick access
  • On the top left hand side of the main page are eleven broad categories, based on the Standard Occupational Classification System, into which more specific careers fall under.
  • A listing of all occupations in alphabetical order is available in the center of the main page.
  • If you cannot find the career try brainstorming for synonyms or more general terms.
What type of information is available for each specific career, as well as categorical careers
  • The first information offered is a list of “Significant Points” that the Bureau of Labor Statistics feels are the key features/obstacles/elements specific to the profiled caree
  • Next, eight sections of information are offered for each career profiled including: nature of work, conditions, training and other qualifications, employment, job outlook, earnings, related occupations, and sources of additional informat
  • At the bottom in a baby blue box is a suggested citation. Although not in exact MLA format, it does offer all the information needed to cite as a source.
  • At the top right corner of each entry, there is a printer-friendly version of the information offered as HTML or a PDF file.
What other useful information is available on this website?
  • On bottom left side under the title “Additional Links,” the first link will take you to the Career Guide to Industries, which profiles jobs much the same way as the OOH, but by industry instead of specific career. For example, under the category “Leisure and Hospitality,” you can find a profile for “Food Services and Drinking Places.” The organization of the page is the same as the OOH, but now the main color is green instead of bl
  • Also under “Additional Links” you can access full-text articles from the Occupation Outlook Quaterly as well as information on Employment Projections.